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The MCA University is the brainchild of Bret Martin and Ashley Aldridge,
acting CEO and President of Mom and Pop Business funding



This is the most lucrative industry in America

where you don't need a formal education to make over $1 Million Dollars in a year.

The average person makes a little over $300,000.00 their first year.​

The above average person makes a little over $750,000.00 their first year. 

No experience preferred.

Who is Bret Martin?
In 2007 our CEO/Founder/Head Trainer Bret Martin entered the merchant cash advance industry

and personally closed over 25,000 of these business loans/advances by September of 2009.​

Bret is the #1 producer that has ever been in the merchant cash advance industry.

In 2009 he started teaching FRIENDS & FAMILY how to do what he had done and how he did it.

He's gone on to successfully train over 81,000 men and women

who have joined our organization in the last 14 years

on the "ins and outs" of how to make "large amounts of money" quickly in this industry 

working from home or in an office environment.

Bret (LinkedIn) was/is the CEO and founder of Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions, West Coast Business Funding, The ISO Recruiting CompanySubprime Business Funding, East Coast Business Funding, and Mom and Pop Business Funding. who's roots can be traced back to the inception of the merchant cash advance industry.

Who is Ashley Aldridge?

Ashley (LinkedIn) came from a highly successful career in the mortgage industry and had took Bret's class and become a National Sales Manager and had his own team under the Mom and Pop Business Funding brand.

He quickly rose to become one of Mom and Pop Business Funding top producers and Bret and his staff started taking notice. After a period of time Bret and his staff noticed something else about Ashley Aldridge, and it was this- his clients were not only always excited to proceed with their loan/advance at funding time, but more importantly they never had any questions.

That's when Bret knew Ashley had learned his job better than anyone he had on the entire team and said to himself, "that's my man",

and drove to Arizona in 2014 and made Ashley his partner.

Bret and Ashley eventually found what is most interesting is the fact that there were few educators within the merchant cash advance space and there seems to be little resources available for an entry level Independent salesperson.

That's where The MCA University comes in.


Here are some testimonials of past class participants.